Lessons in Product Management Via a Tree Plantation Drive – Part 1

I Recently participated in a Tree Plantation Drive – Vrindavanotsava organised by my friend. The event was a great success and while driving back home I started articulating can there be a co-relation between Tree Plantation and Product Management. Surprisingly there were quite a few and below is a humble attempt to draw those co-relations.

Empathy Map - Tree plantationPAIN POINTS – All the products look at solving a Pain Point. So what are the pain points in contention here (Via a empathy map as shown in the figure) – Global Warming, Lack of water, Polluted Air, Increased cost to keep oneself healthy and a compromised lifestyle. The problem space here so huge that one can have the Empathy Map filled up to the fullest. I have kept it at bare minimum to create less confusion!

The Customer Insighting- The objective here is to understand the pain from a people point of view, how big is the problem, validate the problem (via a Hypothesis statement) and are there others solving the problem? If yes how.

The hypothesis here could be as abstract as We believe that people in today’s world are suffering from poor health, poor quality life style and an increased cost of living due to Global Warming. We would be proven right if 1 out of every 3 individual believes this to be a problem for them.

The hypothesis could be easily validated by talking to people around us. Needless to say I had a 100% acceptance of the problem. In other words every person I spoke to said this was a problem.

There are quite a few secondary data available to speak on deforestation and the impact it has had on the community. Similarly there are enough information available which speaks of the Global warming and the rise in temperature and other causes.

Essentially both the Primary and the Secondary research would point out the fact that the Hypothesis stands validated.

Though the Customer Insighting phase does not get us to a solution it helps us to understand the problem in detail which here can be broken down to following symptoms such as – deforestation, increased use of plastics, industrial waste and industrial pollution, increase vehicles and emission,

More to follow in Part 2.

This blog can also be read at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/lessons-product-management-via-tree-plantation-drive-rajagopalan-


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